Sketchbook Relatives

This list contains dogs and litters bred by others that are related to our dogs - sired by one of our dogs, out of one of our bitches, dogs we've bred to, or dogs who appear in our pedigrees.

Dog pages are under construction - please be patient, and come back again!

Peppermill "Money" litter - 3M-1F born October 17, 2004 bred by Sharon Talaga, Gwen Kirman & Karen Pare - CH Scarlights Seasar TD NA x CH Peppermill and Shana Mon Ami

Legacy litter - 1M born May 9, 2003 bred by Ellen Drewes Stoen - CH Scarlights Seasar TD NA x CH Sketchbook Perhaps Love CD

Peppermill "Magic" litter - 3M-2F born August 28, 2001 bred by Karen Pare - CH Scarlights Seasar TD NA x CH Peppermill's Firefly

Kadak "Historic Airplanes" litter - 3M-6F born January 9, 1997 bred by Don & Alicia Farage - CH Sketchbook Nocturne x CH Morgenwald's Kaysee v Skico CD MX MXJ NAP OJP

zur Wolfschlucht "B" litter - 2M-1F born ___1996 bred by Cathey - CH Sketchbook Nocturne x Anka zur Wolfschlucht (shown primarily in Schutzhund trials)

Mistar litter - M-F born ____ bred by Joan Frederickson - CH Sketchbook Paradox x CH Mistar Refractoring Rays

Uhlan "Stories" litter - 4M-2F born December 14, 1992 bred by Rise Funk (Quay) - CH Sketchbook Tale of Adventure x CH Uhlan Gambit CDX

zur Wolfschlucht "A" litter - 6M-3F born December 2, 1992 bred by Cathey - CH Sketchbook Money Talks CD x Freya zur Wolfschlucht CD TDX (shown in Schutzhund trials)

Mistar/Jerel "Jewels" litter - 2M-6F born July 19, 1992 bred by Joan Frederickson & Ellen Reinke - CH Sketchbook Patriot x CH Mistar Rainbow of Jerel

Morgenwald "K" litter - 3M-7F born May 17, 1991 bred by Penny Duffee & Marilyn Rand - CH Sketchbook Tale of Adventure x CH Skico's U R My Valentine

Karestesco "Q" litter - born May 9, 1985 bred by Dr Gordon & Shirley Johnson - CH Sketchbook Simon Says CD x CH Karestesco's Fredrika II