Sketchbook Portrait Gallery

The dogs of the Sketchbook family can be found here. Most dogs have their own page, with a photo, basic stats, pedigree, career highlights, and links to relatives. Also found here are pages for some of the dogs owned and bred by others that have been used in our breeding program, or who appear in our pedigrees. Enjoy viewing the collective works displayed here!

NEW! Just added are pages to showcase the Junior Handlers showing Sketchbook dogs. They're all doing a wonderful job, and we're proud to have them showing their dogs, and becoming the next generation of knowledgeable, capable dog people!

CH Sketchbook Simon Says CD (left) & CH Sketchbook Jack Frost (right)

This page is under construction, and not all dogs have individual pages yet. Please check back again to see who's added!

Titlists - Conformation Champions, Obedience Titlists, Agility Titlists, Tracking Titlists, and Rally Titlists.

Chronological / Litter list - all Sketchbook litters, sorted by date of birth, from most recent to the earliest.

Sketchbook Relatives - dogs owned and bred by others that have played a part in our breeding program, are sired by or out of Sketchbook dogs, or historic dogs that appear in Sketchbook pedigrees.

Juniors with Sketchbook dogs - showcasing Junior handlers in the ring with Sketchbook dogs.