New Litter - Ash x Breeze - born October 27, 2009



CH Dinsdale-Chimera Man In Black





We got to know Ash in August 2008, and the more we looked the more we liked what we saw. Ash has a very thick, dark black, harsh coat, which he has already shown he can reproduce in his offspring. Breeze compliments him nicely, strong where he might be improved a bit, and Ash has many positive attributes to offer as well. We're hoping for some nice pups with Breeze's substance, angulation, and silly personality, plus Ash's wonderful deep black coat, length of neck and handsome head.

The litter arrived October 27th - the first 3 were boys (1 black, 2 pepper-salt), the next 3 were girls (all black). Breeze is a fantastic mother, everyone is doing very well!

Reservations for this litter are now being taken.

The theme for naming this litter is not decided yet.

Ash x Breeze litter born October 27, 2009

CH Dinsdale-Chimera Man In Black A/C,World,IntCH Stahlkrieger's Johnny Cash CH Athelwulf Wessex Warrior
CH Stalhkrieger Heather von KBS
CH Dinsdale Meerkat A/C CH Cortallod Loredo
CanCH Dinsdale Silver Charm
CH Sketchbook Spring Breeze CH Scarlights Seasar TD NA SwCH Flay-Goon's Cameron
Sketchbook Foreign Diplomat
CH Sketchbook Harvest Moon A/C CH Shana's Love From Canada
CH Sketchbook Some Like It Hot

Breeze is pleased with her brood!

Two little snugglers, 1 day old