CH Sketchbook Light Up the Night

"Thomas" is Sketchbook Champion # 90!! This happy-go-lucky boy is 19-1/4" tall, with moderate body and bone, and beautiful angulation that lets him move out true and strong. His well-balanced body is covered with a beautiful hard coat, and he has an intelligent expression with a mischievious twinkle in his eye.

Thomas is at home with Kirsten Wartuck, DVM, who grew up with 2 other Sketchbook dogs - Elkie (Sketchbook For Love or Money), and Jake (CH Sketchbook Stop The Press). He enjoys playing with his Dane/Lab cross buddy!



bred by Julie Fogarty & Liz Hansen

owner: Kirsten Wartuck and Liz Hansen - Bloomington, IL


CH Sketchbook Light Up the Night CH Scarlights Seasar TD NA SwCH Flay-Goon's Cameron IntCH Argenta's Griffith
IntCH Halcyon Camille
Sketchbook Foreign Diplomat CH Sketchbook Money Talks CD
CH Sketchbook Don't Count Me Out
CH Sketchbook Moonlit Madness A/C CH Shana's Love From Canada CH Shalimar's Clark Gable
CH Shana's Dances on Air
CH Sketchbook Some Like It Hot CH Morgenwald's Izod
CH Sketchbook Beat the Heat


.....................Thomas & Huey Vegas, dad Seasar, and baby Thomas

Photos by Krisma Images