CH Sketchbook Storm Petrel CD

Stormy spent her early years in MN, then came to live with Liz in IL (Kampsville), and then "retired" to San Antonio. She gave David & Terry a wonderful introduction to life with Standard Schnauers, bringing joy and love to their household no matter what the day had been like elsewhere. Stormy was very square, moderate in bone and body, correct bite, dark hard coat, and had an ever-wagging tail. She was also a 3rd generation with OFA excellent hips.

Stormy was a SSCA Leading Producer, with 4 CH offspring.


bred by Liz Hansen

owner: David Blegen & Terry Golemann - San Antonio, TX


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"Stormy" is proud of her kids;

"Talking" litter - 4M-1F born December 28, 1988 - sired by CH Sketchbook Simon Says CD

"Politics" litter - 5M-2F born March 9, 1988 - sired by Sketchbook Polar Expedition