CH Sketchbook Speak Softly

Keeper named herself - I intended to keep a male in the litter who was just like his father, but she INSISTED that I keep HER - she was the "Keeper"! She is best described as "small but mighty". Just 17" and a squeek tall, every piece was perfectly in place. Beautifully balanced, absolutely square, dark harsh coated, deep bodied, well boned for her size, perfect scissors bite, correct head planes, expressive, dark, almond-shaped eyes that always twinkled. At her first show (in puppy class) there was a large entry, and a 5-point major. The judge looked over the Winner's class, came over and said "I'm going to measure your little puppy - if you're in, you win." She was in - she won! The rest of her points came easily - judges loved the way she moved, and her sparkly personality.

Keeper was fun to have around - every day was another wonderful day in Keeper's world. She never walked anywhere, she trotted or ran. She was the "energizer bunny" dog, happy all the time. When she went to live with my parents in MN "just for a little while", it soon became obvious she was NOT coming back to my house! She quickly became my mother's shadow and constant companion. Phone calls home were full of stories of Keeper's entertaining and/or cute antics. When my niece, Sarah, was born, Keeper helped with "babysitting", and when Sarah started talking, "Peeper" was one of her very first words. As Keeper got old and frail, little Sarah would snuggle with her on the dog bed, talk to her, and help Grandma take good care of the sweet old girl until it was time to go home. Keeper was nearly 15 years old when we had to say goodbye forever.

Keeper is a SSCA Hall of Fame Producer, with 12 CH offspring, who have her joy for life, and "energizer bunny" energy! Her sparkle is easy to see in her kids and grandkids.


bred by Liz Hansen

owner: Liz Hansen & Caryl & John Hansen - Eden Prairie, MN


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"Keeper" is proud of her kids;

"Valentine's Day" litter - 5M-4F born February 14, 1996 - sired by CH Sketchbook Business Report

"Musical Styles" litter - 6M-3F born October 20, 1993 - sired by CH Morgenwald's Griffel

"Vacuum Cleaner" litter - 3M-1F born March 8, 1992 - sired by CH Morgenwald's Izod

"Money" litter - 1M-1F born March 29, 1991 - sired by CH Sketchbook Patriot