CH Frau Gretel von Friedalin CDX

Gretel started it all for Sketchbook. Her breeder, Sharon Hodgens (now, Hodgens-Wood) entrusted this wonderful dog to 2 teenagers. We were lucky - sired by a National Specialty winner, out of the incredible 8-time Obedience Dog of the Year, Frieda, we got a fabulous start! Gretel became a Leading Producer, and made a permanent home for her, and for this breed, in out hearts.

18-1/4" tall, square build, dark harsh coat, good bone and depth of body, beautiful mover, dark eye, perfect bite, and a beautiful expression she has stamped on her decendents. Sweet and silly, incredibly intelligent, she taught us to keep things fun and interesting - or she'd make it fun and interesting herself! She loved to make people laugh, especially small children. She would get a twinkle in her eye, very nearly smile, and if she could have spoken would have said, "Watch THIS!!", and then would come up with something hilarious to do that would make everyone laugh! It's wonderful to see this, and so many of her traits, repeated in the generations that have followed.

SSCA Leading Producer with 5 CH kids, and SSCA Brood Bitch of the Year 1984. Dog World Award for both her CD and CDX (195+ for qualifying scores).



bred by Sharon Hodgens (-Wood)

owner: Kristi Hansen (-Rosenquist)


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"Gretel" is proud of her kids;

"C-Section" litter - 1F born February 21, 1985 - sired by CH Grenadier v Hahlweg

"Kid's Games" litter - 4M-1F born August 18, 1983 - sired by CH Uhlan Lieutenant Kiji

"Old German names" litter - 1M-5F born March 1, 1982 - sired by CH Morgenwald's Buccaneer